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Rap Fest Radio: #148 – Eric E (live) & Dre Murray on a phone call

rfr320x3202In this episode Bert and Eli interview Latin Christian Hip Hop artist and Rap Fest alumni, Eric E. Eric is one of the confirmed ministries for Rap Fest 2013 – Twentieth Anniversary. His latest ministry venture is which he describes as a portal for all things related to Spanish Urban Worship.

Before the interview with Eric we get Dre Murray of Collision Records on the phone. Dre Murray is one of the confirmed Special Guests for this year’s Rap Fest.

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Playlist: Song: “Problem” by: R-Swift
Promo Video: “Gold Rush: Maybe One Day – Fiend” Promo by: Dre Murray
Promo Video: “Andy is Grateful” Promo by: Grateful Apparel feat: Andy Mineo
Promo Video: “Come Together Summer Tour” by: GBIMC and In My City Records
Music Video: “De Aqui Y De Alla” by: Eric E feat: Vladimir
Music Video: “Yo Le Alabare” by: Eric E

Rap Fest Radio: #147 – Fire Jaws

rfr320x3201In this episode Eli interviews Fire Jaws regarding his upcoming project as well as his recent video BLAOW. Fire Jaws is a confirmed ministry for Rap Fest 2013.


Playlist: Video: “Braille” by: Json
Video: “Blaow” by: Fire Jaws
Video: “Adorando Con Flow Promo” by: Eric E
Video: “Starting GBIMC” by: D. Sanabria
Song: “YAH (You See Me)” by: The Ambassador

[podcast.] Rap Fest Radio: #146 – J Sky Walker

rfr320x320In this episode Bert and Eli interview J Sky Walker of Right Side Up Ent. regarding his new single, “ENOCH” and also his upcoming mixtape due out in September. We also have some very good h=conversation regarding Grace and other important / relevant topics.

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Playlist: Music Video: “Dear Christian” by: Derek Minor feat: Dee 1 and Lecrae

Song: “Enoch – changing addresses” by: J Sky Walker

Music Video: “Testify” by: Yaves

Music Video: “You Know” by: Bizzle

Rap Fest Radio: #145 – B Luv, Brother E, Rap Fest 2013 ministries announced

rfr320x3202In this episode Bert and Eli interview artist B Luve and pastor of Elements Church, Brother E.

Also, listen to the exclusive announcement of the confirmed Rap Fest 2013 – Twentieth Anniversary ministries.

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Playlist: Song: “Need A Savior” by: Takeover Records’ Meek, Franky Bells, Testimony, feat: Guest: Jin
Music Video: “unTITLED” by: B Luv feat: Darion Ja’Von
Music Video: “Turn It Up” by: Alcam
Music Video: “Where Would I Be” Feat: Jay Cabassa, J Sky Walker, Brother E & Urban D
Music Video: “I Can Bear” by: S.O.

Rap Fest Radio: #144 – TJ Da Praying Man

In this episode Bert Bocachica and Eli Gonzalez interview TJ Da Praying Man regarding the release of his new song “Virtuous” feat: Whuteva. We also speak about his return to Urban Ministry after his two years off.

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Playlist: Song: “I’m A Christian” by: Bizzle
Song: “Virtuous” by: TJ Da Praying Man feat: Whuteva
Promo Video: “God Belongs In My City” by: Danny Sanabria
Video: “More” by: Whuteva feat: Kim Burell