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[listen.]: M.P.H. “Ride On Em” Feat. Alex Faith

21 year-old Atlanta rapper MPH is not your everyday artist. He began writing and producing music at eight years old and is always setting new trends in hip-hop. With a long history of successful independent albums, and performances alongside grammy heavy-hitters Patti LaBelle, John Legend, and others, MPH sets out to release his most authentic and creative work yet. Before you skip over the gift and fresh air MPH provides, check out his music and brace yourself for HITS.

Produced by: DA
CD Name: Critical Condition Pt. 2 (Hosted By DJ TouchScreen)
CD Release Date: May 31, 2013
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[listen.]: E. Carter “Tell’em That”

E. Carter releases his first single Tell’em That from his sophomore project Improving Me. Proclaiming the truth about our Lord and boasting about the dramatic changes Christ can have on ones life brings E. Carter to Tell’em That.

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[listen.] Kambino “The Whole Time”

Produced by: Kajmir Royale (KajmirBeats)
Album: InDependence

Kambino is back with a brand new single called ”Eternal (The Whole Time).”  The song is produced by Kajmir Beats and is the first single from his new project InDependence.

I’ve been watching Kambino’s music for a minute and enjoy him as an artist.  He admittedly his lyrics aren’t overly Christianese and his occasionally used the N-word on some of his songs, but he tends to deal with some tough topics head on and creatively, which I’ve enjoyed a lot.  Trig