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[free music.] Born2Di “The Eulogy” Mixtape

The Eulogy Mixtape is the second studio project of Born2Di. It illustrates the life of a Christian as a daily funeral as we die to our selfish desires only to experience the joy that is found through a new life in Christ!

CD Release Date: 05/21/2013
Record Label: Apologetic Mindset Music
Location: Saint Louis
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[news.] Kambino’s Sophomore Release “IN-DE-PEN-DENCE”

akmillerphotoKamBINO-5752Columbus, OH – More than three years after the unveiling of his critically acclaimed debut

album Reach, national recording artist, KamBINO, is finally set to release his highly anticipated sophomore album entitled IN·DE·PEN·DENCE. The apparent disappearance of the MC led many to question whether or not he’d abandoned the craft which landed him on’s “11 Freshmen of 2011” and “Best of 2010” lists, amongst others.  IN·DE·PEN·DENCE sets out to answer that question with a resounding “NO.”

“I tried to kind of ease people into my ‘re-emergence’ with some collaborations and such, but none of that compares to what this album is going to give them,” Kam explains.

“I really took my time developing mentally, spiritually, physically and lyrically, and now— now it’s time to let people get a glimpse of the new me.  The true me.  The INDEPENDENT me.”

IN·DE·PEN·DENCE creatively portrays for the listeners what true freedom looks like all the while inviting and encouraging them to seek it for themselves.  It also serves as a declaration to the world of Kam’s freedom from mindsets, opinions, and actions that successfully held him back for years – musically and otherwise.

“He who the Son sets free is free indeed,” Kam says.

“I’ve literally been living out 2 Corinthians 3 start to finish.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty and being changed from glory to glory; all that and more I’ve been able to experience. I can’t wait to share that journey with the listeners and pray they follow my lead and find true independence by following my Leader.”

IN·DE·PEN·DENCE will release via all major digital retailers on July 9, 2013.  While Kam has been approached with various offers, he’s chosen, appropriately, to release this project independently.  Be on the lookout for his first sin

[news.] DROP CD Roster Announced

May 22, 2013 – Holy Culture is proud to announce its topic and artist roster for the sophomore version of the DROP CD.

Creation & Separation
Levi the Poet
Sinful Humanity
Anthony Rose
People of God
Sean Slaughter
Exodus & Law
Person of Jesus
Social Club
Works of Jesus
Princeton Marcellis
Death and Resurrection
Bobby Bishop
Mission & Power
Life in the Spirit
The Ambassador
Life in the End


On August 2nd, 2011, released the first DROP CD project. The DROP CD received a warm welcome and has since been distributed both physically and digitally over 11,500 times across the world. Now on its sophomore album, Holy Culture presents a similar album, but it will include a more intentional storyline with some of today’s most talented artists. The new project will also include a Biblical curriculum which mirrors the album and other resources such as music videosdevotionals and more will follow. These resources are an excellent way for Churches to provide Biblical truths in a real and relevant way.

Our goal is to communicate the story of God and how man fits into His great narrative in a simple, concise and creative format. In sharing God’s story, we hope the listener can have a fuller understanding of God’s character and how they fit into His bigger story. We are using The Story-Formed Way, a derivative of The Story of God by Michael Novelli & Caesar Kalinowski, with permission by Soma Communities, as an outline for the project.

In addition to the release of the topic and artist roster, Holy Culture has begun its IndieGoGo campaign to raise $10,000 for the DROP CD project. Find out why and learn how you can help at IndieGoGo.

The DROP CD is scheduled to be released later this summer.



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[music videos.] Applejaxx “Passion Fruit”

Applejaxx: A brand that is good for your soul. No fat or added sugars, 100% Organic.

Produced by: The Outsiders
CD Name: Organic
CD Release Date: March 6, 2012
Record Label: Fadacy Music
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Record Label: Fadacy Music
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[news.] Baliva Kicks off Campaign to Fund long awaited Third Album


Baliva Kicks off Campaign to Fund long awaited Third Album

(London, United Kingdom – 18th April 2013 ) After a five year hiatus, Hip Hop Missionary Baliva is gearing up to release his highly anticipated 3rd studio album. The London-based rapper has launched a six-week campaign – ending 31st May; to raise £5000 to fund the project, which he intends to distribute for free.

Baliva who has been active in the Christian Hip Hop scene since 2006 believes that financial constraints should not limit access to his work; and is firmly committed to distributing the gospel message to an audience that would otherwise not be able to afford to buy his music.

His latest body of work which focuses on the search for meaning in an increasingly disconnected World, is a timely and potent message for all. Of the album Baliva remarks, “Our culture is based on constantly looking for validation from people, achievements and so on. But true significance can only be found in the Love of God.”

Baliva aims to raise £5000 by appealing to those who love his music and mission to help finance the project; which will enable him to give the album away for free upon release.

As a thank you to those who contribute, Baliva has arranged a series of giveaways which include, advance copies of the album, signed CDs, t-shirts and an invitation to a pre launch listening party.

The fundraising campaign has kicked off and you can get involved in supporting the project by visiting

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