[free music.] Marthe De La Torre “Only You Are Holy”

A Worship Single that Changes the Game

This week, the perimeter of worship music is being stretched, as producer SPEC entered a new avenue. The Clear Sight Music producer is responsible for “Only You Are Holy”, Marthe De La Torres’ first worship single.

Marthe De La Torre, a Norwegian born and raised worship leader and artist, living in Los Angeles, joined last fall forces with SPEC of Clear Sight Music and Spechouse Media, to produce her first album. This last Tuesday, June 4th, the singer could proudly present her first single “Only You Are Holy” from her debut album “Preludes”, an innovative worship album which will release early fall.

The song “Only You Are Holy” is taking a brave, new approach on the commercial worship genre. It is raw and edgy while simultaneously portraying an honest and fervent form of worship that truly engages the listener. With Marthe’s driving melodies, and SPEC’s exceptional production, Marthe’s sincerity communicates and encourages a passionate and purposeful worship of God in a new and gritty way.

“Worship is not defined by music or style, it’s demonstrated by the condition of our heart; we live it out”. – Marthe De La Torre

Producer Lamontt ‘SPEC’ Blackshire, whom is also working with artist such as V.Rose, Flame and Json, definitively brings his urban flair and punch to the song, and the combination of their different musical sensibilities truly creates a unique worship experience that has caught the attention of the urban market.

“Working with Marthe on this record was one of the most rewarding production experiences I’ve ever had. With her bringing a clear vision for the songs, I was challenged to merge my production style with her concrete vision. The result is something truly fresh and wonderful, and I am very excited for the world to hear this collaboration”. – SPEC

The single was highlighted in this week’s newsletter from HearItFirst.com, which went out to over 125,000 subscribers Tuesday morning. The song is currently also available for free download via http://www.marthedelatorre.com.

My faith and my music have always been the two most important things in my life, but only during the last few years have I truly combined the two. I desire for my music and art, to be an intimate expression of worship, which truly articulates my heart’s prayers, passions and joys. I want to express myself in a way that feels natural and organic to whom I am as an artist and as a person, and working alongside SPEC, made it all come together, as he truly captured my heart and artistic style, while adding his magic touch, says Marthe about her music.

Produced by: Lamontt ‘SPEC’ Blackshire
CD Name: Preludes
CD Release Date: September 2013
Website: http://www.marthedelatorre.com
Follow Me: https://www.facebook.com/marthedelatorremusic, http://www.twitter.com/marthedelatorre

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