[news.] Teddy & Tina Campbell Ask For Prayer In Wake Of Ebony Magazine Tell-All

Today, Tina Campbell of gospel music superduo Mary Mary posted a message on the group’s fan page, asking for prayer and support for her and her husband, popular drummer and singer Teddy Campbell, in the wake of going public about past infidelity in their marriage.

Since the top of the month, when news of Mary Mary’s cover feature in the June 2013 issue of Ebony Magazine began to surface, the internet buzzed wildly about the article in which Tina opened up about forgiving Teddy’s past indiscretion.

Today, Tina Campbell writes–

“… I’m assuming that many of you have seen or heard about our article in Ebony that discussed the challenges of overcoming infidelity in our marriage. Well since the article, the challenges have worsened. My hope turned into hopelessness & despair and I became unwilling to forgive and fight, until God showed me myself.

My husband’s struggle, was with sexual immorality BUT I have struggled with anger, rage, unforgiveness, pride, just to name a few, for over 2 decades. The devil wanted to use strongholds that took hold of our lives in our childhood, to remain and destroy us as adult. So now instead of being mad at each other we’re mad at the devil and we’re ready to fight.

Today we began a 30 day fast (May 24th-June 22nd) for complete deliverance & restoration. If u are able to, please fast and/or pray daily that God would answer our prayer and give us a deeper love & commitment to him and to each other…”

Read the full message here. And let’s support our brother and sister in their union– what has been joined by God, let no man tear asunder!

Source: Gospelpundit.com

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