[news.] New collab album “Neo Classic” by Mirko and UnEarth of Antioch Alumni

cover1“Neo Classic” is the new collaborative EP from Antioch Alumni members Mirko and UnEarth. “Neo Classic” seeks to blend the classic sound of Hip Hop with the new school flow of modern Hip Hop. Thought provoking lyrics and creativity flows throughout the project as Mirko and Unearth each bring their distinctive styles to the project.
The production on the project is done by UnEarth of Antioch Alumni and ranges from the boom bap to airy synths. No song sounds alike and each has a character of its own. Some come along the journey sonically as Mirko and UnEarth seek to welcome you to the era of neo-classic.

Antioch Alumni are a Boston based Hip Hop group who are known for their annual Cram Session music series. Members of Antioch Alumni include Mirko, UnEarth, Gideon Valor, And KIKO. Their first release was back in 2002 and they have going ever since with solo, group, and collaborative projects.

“Neo-Classic” is available today for free on Antioch Alumni’s bandcamp (http://antiochalumni.bandcamp.com/album/n-e-o-classic) and other websites. Also, look for the new Cram Session Volume 8 which is now available from Antioch Alumni also available via Antioch Alumni’s bandcamp page and other websites..


Website: http://antiochalumni.bandcamp.com
Follow Me: @mirkomilk


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