Top 12 Christian Hip-Hop Music Videos of 2012

Happy New Years!  I figured I post my top 12 favorite Christian Hip-Hop music videos of 2012.  These are NOT necessarily my favorite songs but videos I thought were creative, fun, engaging, told a clear story, professional, etc.  Let me know if you agree or disagree and include your top 3 choices.

So, here I go, favorite music video of 2012 is ‘Gangnam Style’ by Psy.

LOL just playing…this time for real:

12. Beautiful Eulogy – King Kulture feat. Theory Hazit & Lee Green

11. God’s Servant – Worthy is the Lamb

10. Cam – I See the Truth

9. KJ52 – They Like Me ft. Lecrae

8. Flame – Let Go ft. DecemberRadio

7. One Way – N.U. Life

6. Trip Lee – Fallin ft. J. Paul

5. MC Jin – Brand New Me

4. He Said – Group 1 Crew ft. Christ August

3. Washington Projects – Justus

2. Brinson – Hit the Floor

1. The Rep – Alive ft. Lee Green

81 thoughts on “Top 12 Christian Hip-Hop Music Videos of 2012

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